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Your past does not condemn you, rather what you do with it can commend you.

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

My precious boy turned 3 today. His favorite gift was a singing Paw Patrol balloon. I made special birthday pancakes and we sang to that sweet smile and those big brown eyes.

Of course, after he went to bed last night, I spent my evening prepping for our big day (his big day has become mine, too) and watching videos of him over the past few years. For sure crying. I simply could not adore someone more. Where are my mamas at right now? I know you get this.

Also today, I dropped another part of my personal story on the NWM platform (watch it here). Soon after, I received a powerful message from a lifelong friend, in response to her viewing it. Memories were coming back to her and unidentified puzzle pieces were finally falling into place. Her childhood experiences of me were beginning to make sense now. She thinks well of me for exposing it all and for that, I am grateful.