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Rebuilding [with Biblical Literacy]

bE Virtual Course

R[wBL] is a program designed to help you read your Bible after the Bible has been used against you.

Rebuilding [with Biblical Literacy]

This brand new course is the second in beEmboldened’s Rebuilding series. With this curriculum, you will meet virtually for 4 live group sessions that gently walk you through how to read your Bible when the Bible has been used against you. You’ll gain clarity on words like “exegesis” and “hermeneutics,” learn lots of tips and tools for effective reading, and gain insight and practice into how to revisit passages that may have been misapplied or used to cause you harm. This course is also a great fit for everyone desiring to prevent religious abuse victimization!

Your credentialed facilitator will provide a safe place using bE’s Code of Conduct for groups. Throughout these 4 weeks, you will have the opportunity to explore your questions in an environment that understands the barriers you are facing (we, too, have faced them). Remove the fear from the Bible, get your abusive leader’s voice out of your head, learn the real meaning of that verse, and begin to discover the truth of God’s character and Word. This is a HUGE step toward solid ground as you heal from the hurt and betrayal you have suffered. We are so honored to be part of your journey in this way.

Why sign up for the R[wBL] program?

What Sets Us Apart

Is this you? The pain, the fear, the anxiety, the aversion, the guilt...Every time you look at your Bible, or try to read a passage, or hear that verse quoted, and you find that you just can’t. You just can’t because the triggered response is so overwhelmingly strong that you shut down and have to walk away.

Is this you? The confusion, the fear, the anxiety...Every time you read your Bible or listen to a sermon, you wonder if the passages are being understood correctly, taught correctly. Who do you trust and how do you know without the knowledge and tools to double-check for yourself?

Is this you? The vulnerability, the fear, the anxiety...You’ve heard about spiritual abuse and know its claws reach far and wide, and you know what you don’t know: you don’t know how to protect yourself from theological and doctrinal manipulation.

If one of these voices sounds similar to yours, then this curriculum has been designed specifically for you, by people who have lived it themselves and have come through it. We understand.

A 1.5 hour group session each week for 4 weeks, including access to a credentialed facilitator, along with weekly outlines and summary sheets designed for you to print and use as tools after the course has concluded.

What is included with the R[wBL] program?

Topics include:



How to read the Bible (safety first).



How to apply scripture.



Tips and tools for effective study.



Let's practice.

Who is the Rebuilding [with Biblical Literacy] program for?

Rebuilding [with Biblical Literacy] is for anyone who has experienced spiritual abuse and everyone who desires to prevent victimization. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Someone who has been told they need to be reading their Bible, but they just cannot do so due to previous abuse.

  • Someone who knows that spiritual abuse is real and wants to equip themself to stay safe from theological/doctrinal harm.

  • Someone who has been in a high-control group or a cult.

  • Someone who has been abused in the name of religion.

  • Someone who is struggling with their faith after a trauma.

If any of these resonate with you, we'd love to see you in October for Rebuilding [with Biblical Literacy]’s premier! Please email with any questions and we will strive to get back to you within 2 business days.

Our Programs are easy & safe

Simple Sign Up

Go through our payment process to sign up. You will receive an email with all the details on how to begin the curriculum.

Code of Conduct

beEmboldened has developed a healthy code of conduct to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible.

Trusted Experts

beEmboldened develops programs with trained experts who have lived-through, studied, and helped others in their journeys toward prevention and freedom.

Convenient Options

beEmboldened offers a variety of programs specially crafted by experts to make a difference. 

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