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beEmboldened exists to provide support in the prevention of and healing from harmful religious experiences.


The world of cults and religious abuse is messy. Good information and support can be hard to find, but this doesn't have to remain true. We are committed to offering you a trustworthy organization to serve as your hub for awareness, resources, training, and support. We want to be the place you know you can go for accurate information, helpful tools, and well-equipped support professionals throughout the world.


We value integrity

We value transparency

We value empathy

We value questions

We value perseverance

Who We Help.

Supporting your healing process

"I need help. I was involved with an abusive religious group. I got out, but I'm not okay. I feel stuck and I just want to be free. I want to be happy, but I don’t know how to live my life anymore."

Helping you navigate your next steps

"I've realized that I'm in an abusive cult. Now that I know the truth, my environment is wearing on me. I can't stay in this forever, but I'm terrified. I might lose everything, including my family."


Living out freedom.

Equipping you to recognize the red flags of unhealthy leadership

I'm a parent. I don't want my child to have a similar experience to mine as he grows up. I know groups are recruiting on campuses and I'm scared. What if he doesn't listen to me and I lose him?

Assisting you in training others

"I'm in church leadership. I don't want my new Christian converts to be at risk for false teaching. I want my young adults to recognize abusive leadership in other places they may go. How do I properly equip them? I'm not an expert in religious abuse and cult abuse tactics."

2023 Vision

What Sets Us Apart

Hurt from religious abuse is everywhere we look, and for many of us, we carry the pain inside, too. As the magnitude of this reality comes more into focus, so do the details. Whether an experience is harmful, or abusive, or fully cultic, each story has a face–a heart, a mind, and a soul–and each face has a name. This past year, we had the privilege of serving many of these individuals, but we've just gotten started. In 2022, the beEmboldened team has committed to widening our reach. We have bold goals for connecting with these individual faces. Helping them and preventing future names are why we exist, but we can't create big change alone. Thank YOU for being a vital part of this team. Together, we will change the landscape of religious abuse for generations to come.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Get started today

Helping you safeguard those who matter most

I'm a loved one. My family member is going deeper and deeper into some religious group that I don’t understand. I think it might be a cult, and I’m scared. I’m afraid I’m losing him, and I’m afraid he’s losing himself. How can I help without pushing him to cut ties altogether?

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