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Mentoring Services:

Have you had a past unhealthy religious experience and are feeling stuck in your healing process? Do you need help on how to approach a loved one who is involved with an abusive religious group? Are you supporting someone who is healing and in need of guidance on how to support them well? At beEmboldened, we want you to take the next step in your journey and are honored to help you navigate this often confusing process. A mentorship is a beneficial professional relationship in which an experienced individual–the mentor–shares knowledge, expertise and wisdom to a less experienced person in the area being discussed. For more information, please complete the questions below and we will get in touch within 3 business days.

Virtual Courses:

Our courses typically take place remotely for 7 weeks, depending on the topic. They are designed to provide you with the education and resources you need to confidently make decisions for yourself in healing from religious abuse, or in the prevention of victimization or revictimization of religious abuse. We keep the group size small enough that everyone has the opportunity to ask questions, yet big enough that no one feels they’re in the spotlight if they prefer not to be. Currently, we are running “For the One Who's Experienced Religious Abuse.” Please contact us here for more information and subscribe below to stay up-to-date on new courses as they’re launched!

In-Person Support

In some situations, bringing beEmboldened to you may be preferable and most effective. If you are interested in a mentoring intensive, engaging a loved one who is experiencing religious abuse, or guidance for you and your family who are in the process of exiting a cult, please email us here to begin the conversation about how we can be of support to you.

Group Support

Are you part of a community of individuals who have left the same abusive group, whether a church, work environment, or other? If so, and you’d like for beEmboldened to meet with your group–either on a one-time or ongoing basis, virtually or in-person, on a scheduled call or in your existing Reddit or Discord group–please reach out to us here to discuss options.

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