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What is mentorship and how can it help?

From weekly virtual sessions to in-person mentoring intensives, we will customize our services to best serve you.

A mentorship is a beneficial professional relationship in which an experienced individual (the mentor) shares knowledge, expertise and wisdom with a less experienced person in the area being discussed.


Our Mentorship services are designed with a focus on fostering connection and healing in a safe, respectful, and confidential environment. beEmboldened features a carefully curated team of Mentors that share the passion and goal for facilitating healthy guidance through past or current religious abuse. Whether you yourself have been abused, or you love someone who is suffering or currently trapped, our Mentoring services are a great supportive option.

Mentoring Intensives - Learn More

Feel like you need more support in a shorter timeframe? Want to dive in? A Mentoring Intensive might be the best fit for you!

Anna Kitko: 

A Conversation about Mentoring in the midst of Spiritual Abuse.


Online Mentoring Made Safe & Easy

Safe Technology

We safeguard all information by using SimplePractice. Safe technology helps us to ensure confidentiality.

HIPAA-Compliant Platform

SimplePractice is an easy-to-use and HIPAA-compliant platform that makes virtual mentorship easy.

Client Portal

Client Portal to simplify client communication

Appointment Reminders & Online Requests

Virtual mentorship is made easy through appointment reminders and  online appointment requests all through a SimplePractice client Portal.

Mentoring Rates

If you think mentoring could be a good fit for you, then we want to help. With this, we recognize the need for financial flexibility and accessibility, so we designed our program with these needs in mind.

Our Mentees are able to approach mentorship in a way that works for them:

All Rates are in US Dollars.

1. How long do you want to meet?

You get to decide which session duration is best for you. 

2. What financially works for you?

You get to do your best. Choose the rate you will pay per session within the range below.

3. How often do you want to meet?

You can choose to meet weekly, biweekly, twice weekly, once a month, or whatever works for you.

First Session


90 Minute Session

First session designed to allow the mentor and mentee adequate time to complete an initial intake.

Option A


45 Minute Session

Option B


60 Minute Session

Option C


Sponsorship funds may be available.

Option D

Mentoring Groups

Various group mentoring options

Learn More

Is Mentorship right for me?

Any questions? Click here to email us with any questions you may have and we’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.

If you’d like to move forward, below you will find an Intake Form Questionnaire that will help us to better understand your goals, so we can best support you. Please answer the questions to the degree to which you are comfortable–no pressure to share more than you feel safe sharing!

Once this form has been completed, a team member of beEmboldened will be in contact with you within 48 business hours to discuss next steps.

It is a privilege to come alongside you. Thank you for allowing us to be a piece of your story.

Anna Kitko

bE Mentor

Anna is a Master of Psychology of Coercive Control student who specializes in support and healing for victims of High-Control Groups and their families. She is also an Apologist with Ratio Christi.

Naomi Wright

Founder & Executive Director

Naomi is a licensed mental health professional who specializes in religious abuse, including cults, as well as grief and loss. She is nearing completion on her second Masters degree from Denver Seminary.

Teasi Cannon

bE Mentor

Teasi is a former public and private school teacher with a Master's degree in pastoral counseling and pending certificate in Christian apologetics. She is also an author and speaker with a special interest in helping others find true hope and healing. 

New! Mentoring Groups

Safe, affordable, online groups for people to gather together on their journey of healing.

  • A virtual discussion about topics related to spiritual abuse, chosen t...


  • A virtual gathering to ask questions and have conversation about the h...


Mentoring Intensives

In-Person or Virtual

Meet in a safe in-person or virtual environment that allows you the comfort to engage healthily.

2 Virtual Prep Sessions

Two virtual preparatory sessions to help maximize the intensive mentoring experience.

3-4 Hour Sessions

Give yourself the blocks of time you need without worrying about the clock.

3-5 Day Commitment

Fast-track mentoring benefits by meeting multiple times over the course of 3-5 days.

1 Follow Up Session

A 1 hour follow up session is included to check-in with you after your mentoring intensive has been completed.

Healthy Experience

Recommendations for a healthy plan during your mentoring intensive, and additional resources/homework will be suggested.

Working with beEmboldened is helping me prepare for what's next–when I'm ready to move towards what is to come for me and my family. I strongly encourage everyone to reach out for help no matter what season of life you are in. People do care and there is a place to be heard.

Teasi Cannon:

Reputation over Repentance

New! Mentoring Groups

Hearing from others can be a powerful healing tool in and of itself. beEmboldened is proud to be launching virtual Mentoring Groups. Our groups are designed to help those who enjoy learning with others develop the skills and support they need to heal and thrive in their lives. This affordable option is great for those that are looking to lock arms together on their journey of healing.

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