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Rebuilding [After Religious Abuse]

bE Virtual Course

R[ARA] is a 7-week Recorded program designed to give you the tools to rebuild your life after religious abuse.

Rebuilding [After Religious Abuse]

This course was intentionally designed and recorded to offer you as much connection as possible. With a mix of teaching and group engagement, you are able to journey along with 4 other real life survivors of religiously abusive environments. In this way, you’ll have the opportunity to process with Kelsea, Jordan, and Zoe, as they vulnerably share alongside Naomi. This unique approach was Naomi’s heartbeat behind this program. She deeply desires for you to hear from a variety of perspectives, in addition to her own expertise, in hopes of you getting the most benefit from the digital environment. The results are incredible, and we are so ready for you to experience the difference for yourself!

Why sign up for the R[ARA] program?

What Sets Us Apart

We get it. Religious abuse is painful and it has likely bled onto every area of your life, both internal and external. If you’ve sought support before, you’ve probably been disappointed. Either they backed away slowly, not knowing what to say, or they were accidentally dismissive with platitudes about God having a plan. Maybe your suffering was minimized or your integrity was called into question. Or maybe someone was fascinated by the train wreck and forgot that no, you’re a real person, and the damage has been done to you and your very real life. If any of this resonates with you, our hearts break with yours. This should not have happened–you were treated unfairly, whether intentional or accidental. 


Our hope for this course is that as you watch and listen, you’ll know you’re understood. Naomi, Jordan, Kelsea, and Zoe, all offer differing perspectives to connect with, providing you with countless moments of, “Yes! Me too!” and “I’m not alone" and "That's a good idea." 


There is strength to be found in not feeling alone. We hope you begin to feel that strength, that possibility, that hope that yes: this moment is temporary, and yes: you will continue forward into a life with depth, fullness, and trust. Maybe again, or maybe even for the first time.

A recorded module each week for 7 weeks, along with weekly outlines and summary sheets designed for you to print and use as tools moving forward. 

What is included with the R[ARA] program?

Topics include:



Allowing Grief

The Losses Suffered



Science of Trauma

The Why to the What




Being Patient with Yourself




A New Way of Life



Authentic Self

Finding Your Design



Trusting Again

The Possibility of Relationships



Identifying Healthy Community

The Seemingly Impossible



Plus a Bonus

Live Q&A

Who is the Rebuilding [After Religious Abuse] program for?

The topics in these modules were central in the creator, Naomi’s, own personal healing, and ultimately come up in some form with every individual we walk alongside at beEmboldened.

This program is for you if you have:

  • Been in a harmful religious environment

  • Been in a high-control group or cult

  • Been abused in any way in the name of religion

  • Been struggling since a religious trauma

  • Been feeling “stuck” in your healing and rebuilding journey

Our Programs are easy & safe

Simple Sign Up

Go through our payment process to sign up. You will receive an email with all the details on how to begin the curriculum.

Code of Conduct

beEmboldened has developed a healthy code of conduct to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible.

Trusted Experts

beEmboldened develops programs with trained experts who have lived-through, studied, and helped others in their journeys toward prevention and freedom.

Convenient Options

beEmboldened offers a variety of programs specially crafted by experts to make a difference. 

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