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Living out freedom.

When Jasmine found healing EVERYTHING changed.

You can help bring God's Word to more people.

Donate Today

Thank you for your commitment to standing with us against religious abuse. Your support is providing healing for those who have suffered, and protection for those who are at risk for victimization or revictimization.

Too often, individuals who have been victimized lose everything–family, friends, community, and their worldview. They have to start over, but without the freshness of a clean slate. Your help is needed to prevent future stories and to help the wounded move forward, embracing the hope and freedom that are possible for them. Your generosity is invaluable!

Simply give directly by clicking the "Give Now" button below, or you can mail a check to:


PO Box 101942

Denver, CO 80250

beEmboldened is a Federally recognized 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation with tax-exempt status.

Partner with us!

We value every aspect of you, including your time and your skills. Because of this, we engage our volunteers in a process of creating an agreement for their volunteer relationship with us. This sets you up for a healthy experience, with defined boundaries, so you're free to enjoy yourself!


Your financial gifts enable us to keep working on your behalf and on the behalf of others who need our support. Religious abuse and cult trauma are major problems today, but with your giving, we can change the future narrative of those around us. Let's take back our power and put an end to spiritual exploitation.


Help us get the word out! Leave positive reviews, like, follow, share, and talk about this important work being done. Many individuals who have experienced religious trauma have kept their stories quiet. You never know who is in need of our services, so tell everyone!


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