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The Getaway: Unstuck

June 4-7, 2023

Lorrayne Ranch in Colorado

1.5 Hours from Colorado Springs Airport

3 Day/3 Night All- Inclusive Experience at Lorrayne Ranch

Allow yourself to fully experience each moment during the Getaway to rest and heal knowing you are completely taken care of.

3 chef prepared meals are available to you each day with snacks and non-alcoholic beverage options available at any time.

Menu Overview

Delicious, freshly prepared meals with vegetarian options

Organic fruits and vegetables

Hormone and steroid-free beef and chicken

Wild-caught fish

Specialty diet accommodations available (vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free e.g.)

About the Getaway

Mission + Purpose

Have you been feeling isolated in your experience of abuse? Religious abuse is being talked about more, but not in proportion to how often it happens. Some people are still denying that it's even a real thing. It's discouraging. How do we heal when we are stuck trying to convince others to believe us?


It can be hard to know where to start when you're healing from spiritual abuse, or where to go when you’re ready for something more. You may feel like you're all alone in this, but you're not. There are hundreds of thousands of others who have suffered similarly to you. They share familiar pains, struggles, and fears. And like you, they’re also searching for a way forward.


Born out of a combination of lived, professional, and educational experiences, "For the One Who’s Experienced Religious Abuse: The Getaway” is a 3 day program that provides education, tools, and support for healing.


Our credentialed facilitators will guide you through 3 core conversations, plus so many extras, for continuing on in your life in a healthy and safe way.

We believe you will leave different from how you came. We are praying and preparing so this will prove true!

Healing Group Sessions & Fireside Chats

The Getaway Includes:

Daily Group Sessions each day with Naomi Wright and special speakers. On Monday night, you’ll have the opportunity for a cozy fireside chat for all guests who desire to join. Naomi will also join you for most meals and activities throughout your Getaway time. Additional surprises in the works!

Please note: None of the Group Sessions/One-on-One resources are mandatory for guests to attend. The focus of this getaway design is for your time to be conducive to healing. Rigidity and strict schedules are just not beEmboldened's style. Come to every event or just one, that's up to you! Handouts with session notes will be available to any one who decides to take alone time during the group sessions.


Only 12 total spots available! - Be sure to reserve your space soon as our goal is to create a personal and memorable experience by inviting an intimate number of guests.

A Premier Western Guest Experience

  • Unforgettable 1,800 Acre property with 2 peaks to explore!

  • Fully staffed Guest Ranch

  • On-Property Farm Animals: horses, goats (the fainting kind), a pig, and more!


Unforgetable Experiences

Visit with the growing number of on-property horses.

Guided Equine Assisted Learning

Explore the massive serene property in a fun and memorable way on Ranch provided ATVs.

ATV Acess

Dwell in a space of rest and relaxation between sessions/activities and during sessions. Cozy up with a warm drink and engage with other guests in our comfortable lounge area.

Rustic Lounge Access


Twin Bed


- 3 Night Stay

- Healing Group Sessions

- Fireside Chats
- Guided Equine Assisted Learning

- ATV Access

- Rustic Lounge Access

Queen Bed


- 3 Night Stay

- Healing Group Sessions

- Fireside Chats
- Guided Equine Assisted Learning

- ATV Access

- Rustic Lounge Access

Available Accommodations + Pricing:

Lorrayne Ranch offers 4 well-appointed Park Model Homes for guests. Each home has 1 private downstairs bedroom with a Queen bed, and an upstairs loft with 2 twin beds.

Upgrade your getaway experience!

Add-On:  $239

  • Each guest can add on a private, 60 minute, One-on-One mentoring session with Naomi in a private space to ensure confidentiality and comfort.

  • bE branded swag to commemorate your experience.


Payment plan options available. Inquire here.


Guests will arrive at the ranch the evening of June 4th. Sessions and activities begin Monday morning on June 5th.

Sessions will wrap up early afternoon on Wednesday. Guests may fly out Wednesday, either late-afternoon or in the evening. Lorrayne Ranch also offer the option for guests to stay an additional night on the 8th in order to fly out Thursday morning, if more convenient. Staying the additional night will not incur an additional charge.


Please note: meals and activities will end with all sessions on Wednesday early-afternoon, and guests who decide to stay may enjoy and explore the property on their own but will need to drive into town for meals as the Ranch will not be staffed during this time.

Click here to send an email to with any questions. See you in June!

Check out the full itinerary below!

Note: Itinerary subject to change.


beEmboldened Board Member

Teasi is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, and author with a passion for learning and a heart for Jesus and His people. She holds a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Middle Tennessee State University School of Education and Behavioral Science and an M.A. in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty Theological Seminary. Both Teasi’s personal experience as a survivor of multiple forms of abuse and her desire to encourage healing and an enduring faith in others undergird her passion for the ministry work of beEmboldened.

Guest Speaker


Ryan Ramsey is a chaplain, soul care provider, and writer focusing in the areas of religious abuse recovery and grief support. Prior to his current work, Ryan was a pastor for more than a decade, primarily overseeing pastoral care and counseling ministries. In addition to chaplaincy training and theological education, Ryan is completing certifications in grief counseling and integrative somatic trauma therapy.

Guest Speaker

01 –


Evening arrival (eat en route, no food service at the Ranch)

02 –


8a-9a: Breakfast
9:15a-10:15a: Equine Assisted Learning or Guided morning hike
10:30a-12p: Session 1 Stuck Loops: Where do you want to become unstuck? (Naomi Wright)
12p-1p: Lunch
1:15p-2:30p: Guided ATV Tour or Self-guided hike
3p-4:30p: Session 2: Stuck in Grief + The Benefit of Grief Ritual* (Naomi Wright)
5:30-6:30p: Dinner
7p-8p: Fireside Q&A: Open Forum with all presenters
8p: Guided stargazing

03 –


8a-9a: Breakfast
9:15a-10:15a: Guided ATV tour or Self-guided hike
10:30a-12p: Session 3 Stuck in Distrust (Naomi Wright)
12p-1p: Lunch
1:15p-2:30p: Equine Trail Ride or Guided morning hike
3p-4:30p: Session 4: Stuck in Isolation (Teasi Cannon)
5:30-6:30p: Dinner
7p-8p: Grief Ritual Opportunity (Naomi Wright)

04 –


8a-9a: Breakfast
9:15a-10:45a: Session 5: Stuck in Unhelpful Patterns (Roger Sharp)
11a-noon: Check-out

All-Day Activities:

  • Indoor and outdoor games areas

  • Walking & hiking–open terrain for easy exploring

  • Interacting with the animals

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