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Spiritual Abuse and Divorce: What Does the Bible Say to do?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Divorce is a heavy word that brings a lot of disappointment, questions, and pain. While it's not difficult to find solid, biblical guidance for those facing the dissolution of their marriage, we've found it is harder within the context of religious abuse. We've been asked:

"Is religious abuse grounds for divorce? She didn't have an affair."

"I can handle it, but what about our children? I'm raising them to sin."

"Even though my marriage is abusive, am I supposed to stay in hopes that he converts?"

In order to shine more light on this sensitive topic, Naomi sat down with Dr. Craig Blomberg, a distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, author and co-author of dozens of books, and a member of the Committee on Bible Translation for the New International Version (NIV). Together with their joint expertise on this matter, they provided Biblical wisdom for those in spiritually abusive unions who want to honor the Lord in their next steps.