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Let's journey together.

Finding freedom from religious abuse.


Understanding harmful religious experiences

We exist for those impacted by religious trauma by providing support for the prevention of victimization and revictimization, creating a safe space to ask questions and to heal.

You are not alone.



Every year, 2.7 million church members fall into inactivity. We are left to wonder how many of these individuals have suffered from religious abuse.



Religious abuse survivors who agree or strongly agree that their experience with the church after their abuse negatively affected their spiritual life.


1 in 10

Among pastors, 1 in 10 have not received any training to aid congregants in trauma recovery.



Nearly 40% of women who were recruited into sex trafficking indicated that a crisis of economic well-being preceded their recruitment. Women who are excommunicated from their cult group almost always find themselves in an economic crisis, putting them at heightened risk for being trafficked.

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The use of spiritual or religious language and/or beliefs to unduly influence and exert control over individuals, exploiting them for the apparent benefit of the organization or those in positions of greater authority.

What is Spiritual Abuse?

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Strengthening your next step forward

Who We Are

beEmboldened is a team of individuals who are passionate about spiritual health and well-being. Our hearts are broken for those suffering from religious abuse. Here, we will keep working until a light has been shone on every false teacher's tactic, every deceiver's lie, and every manipulator's hidden agenda. We will keep working until you are walking in freedom and living out your ability to choose for yourself.

We value every aspect of you, including your time and your skills. Because of this, we engage our volunteers in a process of creating an agreement for their volunteer relationship with us. This sets you up for a healthy experience, with defined boundaries, so you're free to enjoy yourself!


Your financial gifts enable us to keep working on your behalf and on the behalf of others who need our support. Religious abuse and cult trauma are major problems today, but with your giving, we can change the future narrative of those around us. Let's take back our power and put an end to spiritual exploitation.


Help us get the word out! Leave positive reviews, like, follow, share, and talk about this important work being done. Many individuals who have experienced religious trauma have kept their stories quiet. You never know who is in need of our services, so tell everyone!


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