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Transformation is possible: where you are right in this moment does not need to be the same tomorrow

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Not everyone believes in radical life change. I both understand and support a healthy amount of skepticism. As a teenager, I had a chiropractor who accidentally backed over his wife with his car...twice. I mean, call me a “Negative Nancy," but I’d want some evidence before I got into his vehicle...or walked behind it.

A very dear friend of mine, with a heaping dose of sass (just how I like them), surprised me with a survival kit for my move to Colorado in 2011. The little red notebook explaining the gift bag contents provided instructions on how to use the items to avoid death or otherwise. Having nicknamed me a “cocker spaniel” (a.k.a. Overwhelmingly friendly for my east-coast roots), she had some legitimate concerns for my safety. Indeed, I found myself in some foolish situations a couple of times (though the gentleman with the rope wrapped around his backseat was actually a stand-up citizen). Needless to say, my street smarts needed improvement.