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Change is the one experience we can all count on, and it can be a good thing

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Change is one of the few constants that exist

Usually when I think of change, I automatically resist

But this Spring I have a new interest

For the best version of me–I will persist

As I look around, the signs are everywhere

What was once so cold, grey, and full of despair

Is now bright, clean, and a literal breath of fresh air

It’s as if God knew my limits and answered my prayer

I take my pup for a walk and mindfully look around

I see so many colors in the sky and on the ground

The birds chirping and the kids playing are a musical sound

The smells of barbeques, fresh grass, and damp earth are abound

The sunshine does wonders for my soul

It motivates me to get off the couch and go for a stroll

If feels so good on my face and makes me feel whole

I am finally getting out of the deep black hole

Like the flowers and buds that are growing, so am I

The kindness and compassion for myself will intensify

Beauty and imperfection co-existing will unify

To winter and to the old me, I say goodbye!

Thank you, B.L.G., for sharing your heart with us through your poetry.

I requested to share this with you because when reading her words, I remembered the transition in my own life from religious abuse to health and wholeness. We all have our own versions of a deep black hole, and my prayer is that we will all feel the sunshine on our faces again...those kind of rays that reach all the way to our souls, reminding us that God heals and restores.

May none of us give up on ourselves–may we all "persist," for we have not been given up on.

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