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Christian Leadership: let’s check ourselves quick before we wreck much more than only ourselves

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Heartbreakingly, this isn’t new. Perhaps it is new to you, but it isn’t new to me and it isn’t new to history. And it isn’t exclusive to Christianity.

The bloody wreckage left behind by abusive leaders is smeared across the centuries, in every time period and in every country. Today it continues.

Leadership attributes attract people. Knowledge and education, though oftentimes required and impressive, fade to the periphery of charisma and well-spoken words.

  • Did we even hear what they said or did we get lost in how they said it?

  • Did we even see what they did or did we stop at what they said?

  • Did we even engage our minds to critically think and consider asking a question about either: their words or their actions?