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Have you become an expert at hiding the truth about your life? Maybe you don't have to anymore.

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

“Mama, hide with me!”

Hiding is one of my son’s favorite games. He will grab whatever blanket is nearby and with some help, create a cave for himself beneath it. I love being nestled under there with him, sneaking in some snuggle time, although I remain on guard for those wiggle fests of excitement—I could have sworn my nose has been broken more than once. 

“Papa, look!”

My husband mostly stays in place, taking a few steps in varying directions, while calling out all the great hiding spots where he is “looking.”

“Is Blaise in the closet?”

“No!” My son responds.

“Is Blaise under the sofa?”

“I not under the sofa.” 

My son is very helpful to his papa.