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The life-changing moment that altered the future of generations and landed them in a religious cult

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

He loved to sing.

He had a rare singing voice that could have opened many musical doors had he chosen to knock on them. Tears would fill his eyes as his heart took him to deep emotional places he otherwise could not bear to go. But the Lord had other plans for him, and giving up on his passion for transcendent melodies was undoubtedly the sacrifice of his life.

He had not yet given up, though, when he was invited to sing in a William Branham tent revival meeting. This was a proud day that he told of many times throughout his years to come. At some point thereafter, he crossed paths with Branham on the street. Their eyes met, and as his story went, the two men shared a moment in which the baton of Branham’s ministry was passed on to him: the next generation. Unbeknownst to either at the time, just a short time later, Branham would die in a car accident and everything would suddenly make sense. All of the pieces clicked into place and a life would be forever changed. He was to be Branham’s successor and their interaction had been providence.

He soon began to see his own special revel