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4 Steps to decisions you can feel solid about today

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I had a dream last night. Many, probably, but one that I remember because something really cool happened. In it, I was struggling with temptation. I wanted to do something that felt so appealing and desirable in the moment. I was super caught up in the idea of giving in to what was in front of me, to the degree that nothing else seemed to matter; no con list added any weight to the other side of the scale. I was about to move forward but...

I didn’t.

This is the cool part: While dreaming, right before I was going to act, I thought, “God does not want me to do this.

That was it.

I strongly felt, “I want to do this. I find it overwhelmingly tempting.” But before the defining moment in which I chose temporary gratification, I thought, “God does not want me to do this.” And in that same moment, my desire to give in was completely squashed.

You might be thinking: “Why squashed? I’ve done a lot of things that God wouldn’t have wanted me to do…”